Interview with Lars of Fight Club Casino and Axe Casino

1. How and when did you get started in the online casino space?

My best friend Harald and I have been boxing managers and promoters back in the days. Beside of the old relationship between boxing and gambling, for example all the big fights with Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Oscar de la Hoya, … took place at land based casinos like MGM Grand or Caesars Palace. After that we recognized that the only ones who always overbid breweries for the ring floor advertising have been online casinos. So we set the target to get the old relationship to the next level and create an own onlinecasino connected to boxing in particular and martial arts and combat sports in general. Destiny led us to some gambling conferences where we learned the best ways to set up an entertainment and player focused casino. 

2. What is/are your role/s within your casinos other than founder/owner?

Beside of the founding, investment and ownership I focus on the daily operations of my favorite brands to make them as player friendly as possible by adding a lot of gamification features like local jackpots, lootboxes, lotteries and tournaments. I love and live casino, means I don‘t separate between my private and business life and enjoy meetings and talks with business partners that are my personal friends too. In general you can only have success and make things right that you love from your heart.


3. One of your successful brands, Fight Club Casino, is very special. Can you tell us more about it and its relation with the boxing world?

Fight Club Casino brings the old relation between gambling and boxing to the next level. Back in the days nearly every big world championship fight took place in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, nowadays more people enjoy to watch streams, casino and boxing streams, so especially since pandemic times the entertainment moved from the local land based venues towards online media.
Also Fight Club Casino is the only online casino that donates parts of its revenue to charity. We support the World Boxing Council charity organization World Boxing Cares. This project of the WBC, the biggest, oldest and most honorable sanctionary body in Boxing found „Big champions support small champions“ to support kids in underdeveloped countries to find a way out by sports and good goals for life, teaching, training and a clear vision. My best friend and business partner Harald arranged the BGaming slot Ring of Riches, that is the only official recognized game of the biggest and most important Boxing sanctinory body. The green belt, especially the heavyweight green belt is „the World Champion“ nowadays Tyson Fury holds it and back in the days Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson have been role models for boxers. Between this era Vitali Klitschko was the holder of the green belt, the WBC heavyweight world champion title and BGaming supports together with the WBC the help for Ukraine in this hard days. So Fight Club Casino has a different approach from „just a brand“ its a philosophy and mindset, the spirit of true fighters. Also its the only brand that is live streamed on different platforms by active boxers who play the official World Boxing Council slot game Ring of Riches live to support the charity projects of World Boxing cares.


4. Why should players pick Axe Casino and Flight Club casino as their favorite casinos?

Both online casinos give the players the chance to win even 5 times by a single deposit, first of all of course by the spin to win in any game, secondary by an additional lottery ticket that is triggered, third by participation in tournaments if the player chooses the right game, fourth by the local casino jackpots that both brands offer and last but not least by triggering the daily lootbox for an extra win. Both brands also have the technically fastest possible withdraw and cashout timeframes and each has an amazing welcome package. Even the standard welcome offer for players of Axe Casino offers up to 5500 EURO and 450 freespins and Fight Club Casino even reaches the next level by a standard Welcome Package of 10000 EURO and 550 free spins. Players can deposit at both online casinos either by FIAT currency payment methods like Credit Cards, Vouchers, direct banking, e-wallets, … or choose the anonymous way of crypto by BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, TRX and all other major crypto currencies. Last but not least the casinos are transparent, everybody knows me and can even contact me by my social media channels like Instagram or Facebook directly, so they are not anonymous hidden stock listed companies but personally operated casinos with a face and soul.


5. What do you think is the hardest part of running a casino? What is the best thing?

The hardest and best parts are two sides of a medal, this medal, in our case the Affiliates can be gold coins but also the opposite ones that try to cheat the casino by fake players or motivated traffic. Because of this trust is so important and I personally prefer to work with people I like, love and trust instead of anonymous networks that don‘t care about the players and just try to make profit by fishy methods. A website that has focus on reviews and fair evaluation and also offers players the possibility to resolve any issues by direct contact or complaints should be the chain between player and casino. Beside this of course governments and regulatory bodies make our, I mean really our by „the casino“ and „the player“ side hard. By payment blocks or forbidden IPs and so on, so we try to resolve this by VPN friendly play and always new ways for deposit and withdraw but I guess in the long run only crypto will allow liberty and freedom to the whole community.


6. Where do you see the industry in 2023? What trends do you think we should expect in the short/long term?

As mentioned above the main issues will be caused by governments and regulatory bodies that try to take away our freedom. So the industry will split into the so called „white hat“ part that cuts freedom and liberty and has its focus in bringing money into the pockets of the government and big monopolist companies and on the other hand the part of freedom with casinos that focus on players demands and needs and respect the free choice.


7. Can you reveal some of your plans for this year and what players can expect from your casinos?

We will try to optimize the entertainment factor of gambling by extending the work with real professional boxers who will stream live and support charity the same time and we will also have a focus in increasing site speed, usability and increase of gamification.  Only the daily new approach to reach perfection can optimize and develop the players experience.


8. Anything else you would like our readers to learn about you and your brands?

Please play responsible and careful and enjoy the entertainment, gambling should be fun and enjoyed by you. Don‘t click on every top listed ad at google, better read careful every review and make your choice with the help of experts. If you like to know more about me you can follow me at instagram and always contact me for any question by PM.


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